How Much Protein do I Need to Lose Weight

Balanced Diet: How Much Protein Do I Need?

How much protein do I need to lose weight? We have heard this question so much, because protein is indeed an important part of the meal that is often misunderstood. While indeed it has a lot of benefits, many people who are on diet choose to dramatically reduce or even cut it, thinking that it is fattening, and replacing it with more vegetables and fruits. Wrong! If you want to reduce weight successfully, you need to consume protein.

If you think that protein is fattening, maybe because you only imagine protein sources such as barbeque steak, fish and chips, fried chicken and buttery scrambled eggs. Yes, these kinds of food must be avoided if you are on diet, but remember, you do not avoid the meat, fish and eggs! They are fattening because they are slathered with oil, fatty butter, a lot of salt and God knows what. You need to eat these protein sources regularly in a diet (or maybe plant based protein such as soy products and nuts if you are vegetarian), but with certain amount and way off cooking.

How much protein do I need to lose weight, again? Let me explain in simple way. Human standard calorie consumption per day is around 2,000 calories for men and 1,800 for women (higher or lower depends on your daily activities). Depends on how many times you eat, divide calorie intake with the numbers of meals you have each day. Then, come the dividing part. Ideally, each meal must consists 2-3 parts of protein, 3-4 parts of carbohydrates, 3-4 parts of vegetables and 2-3 parts of fresh fruits. All of those servings on one day must not top your standard calorie intake.

Finally, try to reduce fattening elements from your calorie intake. Do not always fry your chicken, meat, eggs and fish or roast them with butter; try bake, boil or stew them. Even if you want to fry or roast them, use low fat butter and healthy oils like sunflower seeds, soy and olive oil. Skip chicken skin and fatty part of the red meat. Do not slather your fish in the batter and deep fry them (good recipes for high cholesterols!). Eggs are very versatile; try to make omelet with vegetables and mushrooms instead of using packed sausage for breakfast, and pair non fat scrambled eggs with whole grained bread or sandwich. There are a lot of ways to turn your favorite protein sources into healthy food without eliminating them at all from your daily menu.

Why Eat Protein?

Apart from the question of ‘how much protein do I need to lose weight,’ there are many benefits of protein, even for your diet. One, protein is an important cell builder; it helps cells to regenerate, including body tissue cells. This is good if your goal is not only reducing weight but also building good muscles. Protein is also energy source and slower to digest than carbohydrates, helping you in your daily activities during diet. Plus, plant based protein such as nuts, legumes and soy can boost your immunity, reduce effects of free radicals and make your skin healthier.

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